Why pawn?
We all know this is a tough economy right now. Jobs are scarce, banks aren't lending, and that electric bill still needs to get paid...Pawn loans are quick, convenient, and easy.
A pawn is a loan that's based on collateral(an item of value), not credit. This means that if for some reason you're not able to repay your loan, it has NO EFFECT on your credit score. It also means no harrassing phone calls to your home or work.
A pawn loan is great when you just need a little extra to help you through until that next paycheck or settlement comes in. You certainly can't go to a bank for a $100 loan and even if you did, banks aren't lending right now! 
Why YOU should come to Liberty Pawn:
  • We treat our customers with respect, consideration, and kindness
  • Our shop is clean and family-friendly
  • We don't charge additional late fees for payments
  • We offer layaway for no additional charge and only 20% down
  • We call before we pull overdue pawns out for sale
  • We allow principal payments which lower the finance charge
  • We take payments by phone
  • We change watch batteries for only $5

Hours of Operation:
Mon- Fri: 10am- 6pm
Sat: 10am-4pm